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Spring Training 2021 Update: Format TBD

On behalf of the Great Lakes Division Board of Directors, we hope you’re

staying safe during this challenging time of Covid. We also want you to

know we’re not yet committing to a specific format for GLD’s Spring

Training/Mini-Convention 2021.

Instead, we plan to do a survey in early January asking GLD members what

would be best for the March 5-7, 2021 weekend. Everything is up for

discussion – a virtual series of specialty and/or large group meetings,

pre-recorded private YouTube videos, other virtual possibilities, maybe

an in-person option (even into April) …

By working together, we can continue the momentum of the wildly

successful 2020 workshops and start the 2021 season with confidence and

enthusiasm. If you already have ideas to share, shoot an e-mail over to

Spring Training Event Coordinator Val McCammon, at

Thanks for all you’re doing to start planning for 2021 while staying

Covid-safe in 2020.

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