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Nelson Ledges Time Trials

Ready to get back to the racetrack?

We’ve got your answer — a Time Trials weekend coming up May 29-30 at Nelson Ledges in Garrettsville, Ohio, and registration is now open. Since you’ve driven in this event in the past, we wanted you to be the first to get in on the action! Ready to start your engine?

Not quite sure?

That’s ok. Here are the top three reasons you don’t want to miss it.

  1. It’s a steal. You’ll grab more than 2 hours of track time for just $325. That’s four 15-minute practice sessions and four 15-minute Time Attack sessions, the thrill of the standing-start runs through the curves with TrackSprint, and a Saturday night party to enjoy some bench racing with friends—new and old.

  2. It’s driver friendly. Whether you’re a seasoned driver or you haven’t driven since your last event with us, we’ve got you covered. Each group gets a coach to help make the most of your track time. And, if you’re a novice (or just a little rusty), we’ll have some classroom instruction to get you ready for the green flag to drop.

  3. Racetrack season is here. With 13 turns over two miles, Nelson Ledges in Garrettsville, Ohio is sometimes tricky, but it’s always fun. Need we say more?

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