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Great Lakes Road Racing Points Update

Following are the point standings thru September, 2022. The file containing "RO" shows standings for National classes for Run Offs eligibility, which includes the October race from 2021. These are the final standings of the year. The results have been submitted to National.

The file containing "RCS" shows the Divisional Championship standings for ALL classes.

The October, 2022, Mid-Ohio race will be part of the 2023 run offs qualification AND 2023 Champ Series.

As a quick summary---

- The Divisional path to the run offs requires participation in

4 divisional weekends, and standings in the top 3 positions.

Majors are NOT counted in the Divisional path, but two divisional races can be

combined with 2 Majors events for the 2+2 path. National will determine who has

qualified through this path.

- To be eligible for the Divisional Championship, a driver must participate in a minimum

of 5 races, and a maximum of 7 races will be counted in the points standings.

Trophies will be awarded based on the number of participants in the class.

If you have any questions or think there is an error, you may contact me, preferably by email,

at or by phone at 513-658-4677. I do not have results

of any of the Majors events.

Christy Graham

GLD Points Keeper

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