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2020 WMR "Last Chance" Major

Registration is open for the 2020 WMR “Last Chance” Major at Grattan Raceway on 8/22, 8/23. Go to this link for event details and registration. The entry fee is $500 but there is a $75 “early bird” discount offered until 7/21.

As this event is sandwiched between the Cat National (Major) at Road America on 8/15, 8/16 and the PIRC Super Tour on 8/29, 8/30, we have no idea how many racers will actually be willing to attend this event. To that end, if we do not have 50 cars signed up by 7/21, we may be forced to cancel the event to avoid a big financial loss. So if you want this race to go on as scheduled, please sign up early. No credit cards will be charged until 8/15. All checks will be deposited after the event.

Also, to encourage folks to enter,we are offering a $50 creditto a WMR Club Racing event in 2021. That’s whether you attend in person or “substitute” our race through the SCCA program.

Grattan Raceway is a fantastic, challenging track and WMR is known for hosting a fun event. We will do every reasonably possible to make sure this event is run safely. All attendees (drivers, crew and workers) should feel safe coming to Grattan.

Please let me know if you have any questions. Email me directly at hdf3.wtr80@gmail.com.


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